What is the strike for? A Grade One referee could not answer.

A senior official inside the SFA a few days ago challenged a Grade One referee about the impending strike.

This referee is considered one of the best in Scotland.

He is a white collar professional and is highly articulate.

The SFA official asked:

“What will be achieved in seven days? What will you referees get that you have never had in the past?”

In other words what was the strike for?

The highly articulate, educated white collar professional could not give an answer to the SFA official.

The SFA official then merely concluded that this threatened strike was about posturing. “It’s saying ‘don’t fuck with us!’  It is saying ‘we’re indispensable’ that’s what it is saying.”

33 thoughts on “What is the strike for? A Grade One referee could not answer.

  1. Kevin Michael McQuade

    Hi, Phil.
    I have to say that, your the most “Investigative Journalist!” since Mr.Gerry McNee hung up his pen! I have been a, Celtic media watcher for over 30yrs now and, a light went out for me on a Sunday morning when, Gerry McNee wrote his last column.I have been well encouraged by the, sterling efforts of both, Paul 67 from CQN and of course your goodself and others. I say long may all of your efforts continue but, i just wish we(Celtic) were as, successful on the field as we are off it right now? BTW Phil, you don’t play centre-half by any chance?
    Hail! Hail! Phil.
    God Bless.
    Kevin Michael McQuade.

  2. John

    Phil, the majority know why referees are getting fed up, its to do with Celtic constantly moaning about decisions that dont go their way, and conspiracy theories which simply do not exist, Celtic have won many trophies over the years, no complaining when the team are winning.

    it good to see chairman John Reid has good administration skills (not) , supporting that Refs should declare what teams they grew up with, the lunatics have taken over the asylum, this would just make things worse.

    and as for sectarianism, Celtic should do well to remember that they had a goalkeeper who pranced about in the middle of a pitch with a Pope T-Shirt, and a player who spat on a Rangers scarf.

    Refs saying they’ve had enough, when really its clubs that should be held more accountable for things.

  3. Johnny

    Great work Phil! I suspect you know much more than you are telling, and I suspect you won’t tell it all in the end, but I salute you and your moles, keep up the good work!

  4. Stewart

    For what it’s worth I think MacDonald should have went too. Not for the penalty decision ( proved to be correct) but the charade after the match with Craven. (BTW should RFC ask for clarification on why Craven DIDN’T tell MacDonald it wasn’t a penalty?)
    Phil ( Literary Dissident) is right about match reports I hear BUT they also affect RFC and other clubs. I’m sorry to disappoint the more rabid among you but the reports were only altered to make refs look less incompetent.
    Trust me bhoys, there is no grand conspiracy against CFC.
    Maybe you should look closer to home for reasons why CFC are Scotland’s No2 club?
    Poor Management?
    Not spending when you had RFC on the ropes?
    Continually under-estimating a hard-working (add to this a solid presbyterian work ethic) but also decent footballing Rangers team?
    You need somebody to blame for the past 2 x seasons. All I’ll say is keep it up as my club, Scotland’s ( and the world’s) most successful club, will stick to the task, quietly and efficiently.
    Going by the Caley result yesterday, the Title may be wrapped up by early January.

    Fraternal greetings chaps

  5. Paul

    Can someone please explain to mean why someone from Ireland, ie Phil, is so interested in Scottish football? Do you not have your own league and teams to follow?

    I get that Celtic has Irish roots but how is it that Hibernian – a club also with its roots in Ireland, a club that is older than Celtic and a club with an actual Irish name – has managed to forge a Scottish identity whereas Celtic hasn’t or is unwilling to?

    Or are Irish Celtic fans simply glory hunters?

    As for the Dallas joke, while not worth forwarding, it’s actually not a bad joke and is no different from jokes told by famous Celtic fan Billy Connelly for example.

    And, in the general scale of evilness in the world, I would say Hugh Dallas has caused somewhat less misery than the policies of the Catholic Church. But no, no Phil, you use your investigative skills to bring down an ex-referee and ignore the other much worse ills in the world. Embarrassing stuff.

    1. Alk_ from Prague

      @ Paul…

      You must be really hurting. I feel you pain, but I don’t share it. Phil has exposed a fella on the SFA payroll who used his work time and work email to sent material that related to child abuse. Dallas should have expected to be sacked unless his behaviour is pretty normal inside the SFA. Many people will be puzzled why you think his removal is a problem.

    2. Paul

      Alk_ from Prague

      It wasn’t a joke about child abuse. It was a joke having a go at the Catholic Church, who, let’s remember, did in fact cover up systematic child abuse. It’s called satire. Have you been to a Billy Connelly show? Big Celtic fan. You’ll hear a lot worse for him than was in that joke, which by the way a very large number of people around the UK received. Or have you read the Private Eye recently – take a look at one of their recent covers. I don’t see any calls from the Catholic Church for their editor to resign.

      Should he have forwarded it from work? No. Should he be sacked for it? Yes, probably. Although I’m delighted he’s gone as he wasn’t very good at his job, not for any joke forwarding he might get up to.

      Anyhow, I just find it amazing that Celtic only complain about refs when they’re playing badly. How can any team that has won so many titles in Scotland possibly claim discrimination!?

    3. Paul

      Do you understand what satire is? The target of the joke is plainly not abused children or the Pope. The target is the elements within the Catholic Church that allowed abuse to happen. Satire is an important weapon against things like that.

      I can see how it can be seen as a joke in bad taste, like many jokes. And you either like those or you don’t but making fun of something connected to the Catholic Church does not make you anti-Catholic any more than making fun of Mohamed makes you anti-Muslim. The campaign against Dallas reminds me of the Danish cartoonist who was threatened for daring to make fun of that particular religious figure. What’s the difference? Why not just stick at having a go at Dallas for his bad referee management? Instead, thanks to this campaign several people, including RCs, are now out of work with their names in the paper for forwarding a joke.

      I wonder how many Celtic fans got and forwarded jokes about, for example Princess Diana’s death? I know I did. The hypocrisy of this whole things stinks.

    4. Alk_ from Prague

      So what you are saying is that its okay to use the topic of child abuse so long as you are being satirical, did I get that right? Its clear that we don’t have a similar tolerance for bad taste humour. For me it should be out of bounds to laugh when children have suffered, for you so long as its satirical then its acceptable. Perhaps you are not a father yet. I really would have to question the fitness of a father who would mock suffering children in the name of satire.

      Face it, without the child abuse the joke doesn’t exist! You can only support this joke if you wish to point score and have no second thought about using the suffering of innocents simply to score that point. Shame on you, and on anyone who thinks so little of others that they would mock them simply to score some points. What does this say about you? Are you fit to care for children? Should parents and guardians take special care of their dependents when you are in town?

    1. Wullie

      you market yourself as a beacon of truth, will you now acknowledge that there was indeed a coverup of the child abuse that took place at Celtic football club?

  6. Lubo

    Keep up the great work Phil.

    On the one side we have a corrupt SFA. On the other is the BBC and old media apologists.

    Keep on digging and exposing the bigots, liars and cheats.

  7. James Brown

    The strike is obvious. It is to say to Celtic Football Club , we have had enough of your deflection from your own inadequacies, and the poisonous vitriol from your inexperienced and incompetent manager.

    Simple really

  8. johnybhoy

    Cheers Phil, your work of recent weeks will be judged amongst the most important of the decade in exposing these bigots. Celtic should now be able to stand upon a level battlefield with their opponents. That’s all we ever wanted. Tip o’ the cap young man, tip o’ the cap.


  9. Frank Devine

    Thank you very much Phil, and also Paul Brennan (a Mossend man just like me). You have helped to expose the cesspit that is Scottish football.

    Now we need, no, we need to demand a UEFA investigation into this sectarian ‘Alabama’ like backwater. God bless you and thank you X

  10. Domski

    Great work Phil, something has been rotten at the heart of Scottish football for a long time.

    I’m not sure if there is a link between these events and the referees strike. The now ‘sacking’ of Hugh Dallas and five other SFA ‘inner circle’ is strangely timeous.

    For once those once ‘untouchable members of the establishment’ got what they deserved.! Sacked for being hypocrite’s and perhaps found out for what can only be described as an endemic culture within the SFA

    The tree has been firmly shaken, watch as the rest of the bad apples fall.!!

  11. Hughie

    Outstanding work Phil. What you and Paul Brennan at CQN have achieved in the past few weeks is incredible. The corridors of treachery are crumbling and the rats inside are shaking like shitting dogs. Another few barrack busters should bring the den of inequity down on top of them.

    Keep it up and don’t let up.

    Maith thú agus go n-éirigh an bothar leat.


  12. Iain

    Robert Kelly, Fegus McCann, Phil Mac Giolla Bhian.

    Phil you are in that company; a guy that has the balls to stand up against the establishment.

    Keep the pressure on. Thank you!

    PS – BIG thank you to Paul Brennan (CQN)

  13. Jimmy

    Just like to add my congratulations to you,Phil.

    The work being done by youself and Paul67 on CQN is outstanding.

    I have been glued to this blog,CQN,KDS and McNally at the Mirror’s twitter page.

    If the suggestions I am hearing about match reports are true,this is the biggest story in Scotland since the Lions in 67.

    May God Bless You,Sir.

  14. iain

    I can’t work out the current line from the social worker of the year, or indeed the Tims in general.

    I thought you guys were all for the rights of strikers? All I see is attacks on the referee’s for having the audacity to think of it.

  15. Alk_ from Prague

    Phil, you say that you are working on a story that will make what is going on at the moment appear like like ripples instead of major waves. When do you think you’ll be in a position to let us all in on this big news? For the record, I believe you know something big and my question is in good faith. Will the outcome of Dallas’ ‘dressing down’ have an impact on your timing?

  16. Stephen

    Does all of this indicate a bigger power struggle going on inside the SFA? Is the new broom Regan sepping out the dog ends of a rotten regime? There must be skeletons falling out of cupboards all over the place at the SFA HQ. Man The Lifeboats! LOL.


    Many thanks phil for your good work.
    Do you think our scottish hacks will now realise that there days of lying is over the internet has seen to that.

  18. Kerrydalestreet

    There is more to this crisis than a ref lying and a tasteless email about the Pope.

    Sheeat is hitting the fan and we might never get the full picture. We have someones balls in a vicelike grip. They are paralysed, screaming, shouting fer their mates and trying to bite their way out.
    Fer the first time in my lifetime, we’re in the position of power and the handshakes can’t do a single thing about it.

    Let them scream. The noise is like music to these ears.

  19. John from Glasgow

    For so many guys it will feel like jackpot today – it’s yourself Phil that we have to thank for that.

    Here is a question though – are any sports journalists in Scotland willing and able to do what you are doing?
    All Celtic fans are asking for is an impartiality when it comes to reporting – especially the BBC.
    As a Celtic shareholder you will be seen as reporting a ‘certain narrative’ – do you think there will be any other journalist that take up the strain, to fight the good fight?

    Or am I just being stupid!

    Many thanks Phil.

  20. Patrick

    Its saying we’re under i9nstructions from hugh to protect and deflect…protect dougie and deflect the shite from dallas…sack the pair of eejits and then have a root and branch overhaul of the organisation…the ball is firmly in regans court


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