Rangers offer to settle with HMRC.

My sources have informed me that Andrew Thornhill QC who is representing Rangers in the current tax case with HMRC recently approached the lawyers of the other side and offered to settle the case.

The figure offered to HMRC was £10million.

HMRC rejected this offer out of hand without any consideration.

The fact that Rangers authorised their legal team to make such an offer does not indicate that the people that currently run the Ibrox club are confident of winning this case in the slightest.

On the basis of the first “round” of this case last year ,when Rangers got to present their evidence and the HMRC legal team cross examined ,that would be a safe assumption in my opinion.

Of course any reasonable person might ask:

“If Rangers believe that that they have no case to answer and are confident of ultimate victory then why should they offer to pay anything?”


24 thoughts on “Rangers offer to settle with HMRC.

  1. Chris

    Firstly, i am a rangers fan and have followed them from age 5, 22 years now. I have heard all little bits and pieces about this, MIH, rangers debts etc for quite some time, and its true that, if all you say is correct, the future would not look bright for my famous football team. Trouble is, im not sure all of it is true. Its clear from reading you work that your a celtic fan, or an anti rangers man. If it wasnt for the fact that although you seem happy to write about and work on the sectarian issues that belong in our country, i havent seen a single article relating to celtic on this matter. Now there may well be several refrences made by yourself regarding sectarianism at your club, but i honestly havent seen them. As i explained, i am indeed a rangers fan, and alhough i dont believe it to be important, i feel i should also mention that i am a protestant rangers fan. Im not a church goer, and im certainly not a deeply religous person, but i was raised protestant and i am proud of this fact. I also have no problem admitting that ive sang all manner of songs that i probably shouldnt, from the famine song, to the sash, to god save the queen. My father is a proud orangeman, although i have never been, but i am proud of what he is and i understand why he is this way. But i do not believe my father or myself are sectarian or bigoted. I may sing the songs at matches, but to me its only songs, i dont live my life or act on the words in these songs. Most of my friends are roman catholic celtic supporters, i’ll be the best man at a roman catholic wedding, i work with roman catholics and celtic fans every day, but because i sing daft songs at a football match doesnt mean imhave some underlying hatred towards any of these people, or anyone for that matter. I have a mate i call provo joe, because everything he sees is through green tinted specs. Does that make me a bigot? The reason i am explaining all of this is so my post wont be disguarded as some hun with his nose out of joint. I believe my club is victimised with regards to sectarianism and bigotry, certainly from what ive read on this website. I sit in the main stand at ibrox, ive had the same seat for 22 years, and i’ll never give it up, i love rangers more than i love football. At old firm matches the celtic fans are right in front of me, quite literally, due to the situation of my seats. Every game, with out fail, i watch from afar as a barrel of abuse, bigoted and sectarian, is hurled towards me and brothers. And do you know what? I love it. I love every minute of it. As far as im concerned the hatred that runs between the two sets of fans for 90 minutes is incredible, and it makes it the greatest football match on the planet. I hurl abuse, and take it back. Ive sang it all, and had it all sang back at me. Very seldomly do i actually take serious offence to anything that comes my way. Truth is i respect celtic as a club and family. Yes, i love seeing them getting cuffed, and i hope the they lose the league every single year. But i respect them. Ask anyone who knows me. When lennon, a guy i sometimes seriously cant stand, played his last game at ibrox before leaving, me and my father stood and waited and clapped him off the park. When mr burns was tragically taken from us, i was there at parkhead laying flowers and rangers tops. Ive even played fives with a celtic top on because i lost a bet. But a truer rangers man you’ll never meet, blue runs through my veins and i will continue to sit in the same seat at ibrox hurlin abuse at you lot for as long as i can. Now i have explained who i am and what i am about, and being what i am, i have to jump on the defensive, put on my blinkers, or whatever youd like to describe it as. Firstly, celtic are just as guilty of sectarian chanting as we are, anyone that denys that are seriously at it. As far as i am concerned, i’ll sing just about whatever i want when im following my team, if i think that “the cry was no surrender” is one of the best songs for lifting the team, and the stadium, then by christ will i belt it out. And i expect the same back. Then i’ll phone my mates, 2 of them i phone after every game, and we’ll talk about the game. Both are die hard celtic fans. Im no bigot, but i’ll sing the songs.
    With regard to the tax issue, MIH, debt etc, i cant deny im impressed with the work thats been done, but why dedicate so much time into my club? I believe that you phil, hate my club and everything it stands for. Now you might well be telling the truth in every word you say, but i cant be sure. Why are you only discussing rangers regarding the tax issue for example, when theres a dozen premiership clubs in the same position? I know for a fact theres also more than one scottish club with major concerns over the impending tax probe, granted the actually tax bill is less than our, but never the less would certainly see atleast one club disapear. why wont you mention them? Can you give us examples of this type pf tax bill and case where hmrc have acually won? Are you concerned for my club and the future of our game or are you just rubbing your hands at the thought them going under so that your own club can actually emerge from our shadow for a more sustained amount of time? For all i know your recent rangers v hmrc story is true, it would appear my club have done nothing to come out and defend themselves. But then again, why the hell would they? Really? Who are you? Rangers cant come out and defend themselves against every bit of BS on the internet or in the papers, they dont have to. If i were younid be more concerned with why your club havent buried us while they have the chance, why do you feel the need to constantly speak or write against my club? Are you a respected journalist? Or is that only in ireland? Just out of interest here, but do regard scotland as your home also? I ask after reading how you returned “home” to ireland. Surley someone with your contacts and incredible ability to hear things no one else can hear would make you an incredibly rich man in the uk. News of the world? Seriously?hugely respected? Tell me why either lawyers, hmrc or rangers, would ever allow the fact that made an offer of £10m to be leaked. With regards to david murray, let me assure you i will not try to defend that man, it infuriates me that not once has he come out to speak to us during the darkest hours in my proud clubs history. For that he should be ashamed, andits something that this fan will forever hold against murray. He has taken the cowards way out. No matter how bad it is and how big our troubles are, its our club and we deserve to know. But you did an article some time ago, murray was doomed. You had the stats and numbers to back this up, and it certainy made me atleast take notice, it was a fantastically written atricle by someone who had clearly taken some time and pride in theyre work. I dare say you enjoyed it. Anyway, you said murray was doomed. When is that then? Shouldnt that be done by now? Or is that whats going on just now? You know all phil, get us told. Or better still, take your stories to reputable papers, send copies to ibrox, RSA, follow follow, RST, everywhere. Why not actually be a guest on clyde 1. Im sure enjoying sitting back in a pub across the water enjoying every minute of what is going on atbibrox. But tell me this. No rangers, wheres celtic? One is nothing without the other, maybe thats where the respect comes from. I know that with no celtic, rangers would be in ruin. And your lot are exactly the same. Its a pity your idiotic followers dont realise that.
    I hope you take this for what it is, and atleats give me the time to read over it and answer some questions.
    Enjoy your pint phil, there will be plenty more in which you’ll be drowning your sorrows.
    We Welcome The Chase

  2. Patrick

    Wonderful just wonderful, It’s payback time. Although Mr Murray is quoted as saying ‘For every fiver we owe we will have to pay a tenner 🙂

  3. Joe McIntyre

    Phil, you are a sick & twisted bigot, who has the auacity to hide in a foreign country and try to bite the hand that fed you for years. Fuck off – the Famine’s over!

  4. Bobby

    The money Rangers owe could buy an awful lot of equipment for the forces, which Rangers and their followers go to extraordinary levels to `support`. Pay up, you owe this money.

  5. GWG

    Tremendous work once again Phil
    I cant wait to read about this in the Daily Record and see it plastered all over STV & BBC Scotland…. do you think I should get some beer and crisps in whilst I wait for the cracked cress to appear in big front page headlines
    Hail Hail….. happy days

  6. stuart smfc

    Sorry to burst your bubble Bhoys but there are a couple of issues you may have overlooked in your rather desperate quest to rubbish Rangers.

    What state would it leave Scottish football in if Rangers ceased to exist ? It would hardly benefit Celtic or are you lot just too blinkered to see that.

    HMRC have NEVER won a case against a club in a similar position.

    In any event: Phil’s spin forgot to mention that MIH and not Rangers would be liable for any amount due. This would have no bearing on any intended takeover.

    Do none of you ever stop to think WHY no other media outlet have picked up on this story. Is it another case of Masonic/Establishment/Protestant hacks serving their masters as you shower of gullible fools would believe or is it just that Phil’s story is a grasping piece of nonsense fuelled by his quite overbearing hatred. Time will tell !

    1. JPaul

      If rangers didn’t pay their proper tax and indeed operated an avoidance scheme, then they are due to pay it now, with interest and penalties. Or should that now be the case, are they in some way special. How it will effect anyone else is irrelevant. Indeed, maybe if they had been paying the correct amounts then they wouldn’t have been able to buy “success” as they have been doing.

      They are in huge debts because of spending money they didn’t have. They have tax issues because of not paying tax they should have. No-one’s fault but Rangers. It’s a matter for them to try and sort it out now. Schadenfreude is an ugly word, but it is nice sometimes.

      Sorry if that’s really hurting now, but hey, what goes around comes around.

  7. Joe


    Excellent work again.

    Forget the taxman, Lloyds bank, their rioting fans or their laptop poodles. YOU Phil are the biggest threat to “the second biggest institution in Scotland”, and long may the truth keep flowing from your pen.

  8. Barry McAreavey

    It’s a great scoop indeed Phil, it’s a complete scandal in itself that this has not been published in UK newspapapers up and down the country!

    We all know what we’d be seeing on the front page of the Scottish comics if it was another team in Glasgow(broken club crests sping to mind), and Im not referring to Pollok Juniors!


  9. Cossy

    Given the amount of money at stake, potentially tens of millions of pounds, and the affect that would have on the future of Rangers, its bizarre, though not really surprising, that the Scottish media haven’t made a lot more of this story.

    Maybe if Neil Lennon worked in the tax office it’d be front page every day. Neil would be at fault, obviously, just like its the bank’s fault that Rangers are struggling with debt.

  10. John Johnston

    Surely the offer of a payment is tantamount to an admission of guilt?

    Does this not make it illegal for them (and the SFA to condone) further participation in UEFA competitons?

  11. jonny

    phil I used to hate the way the scottish media covered up Murray’s dealings but IMO he would never had been able to bring them to the point of ruin without their mis guided (laptop )loyalty .
    Maybe I have been wrong as to where their allegiances lie ,as their stance has done more damage to the ragers than good .
    hail hail

  12. JPaul

    This, if your sources are correct, is an admission that tax is due. They simply would not offer an 8 figure sum in settlement if they thought they could win the basic case of whether or not there was a liability. They would appear to have conceded that part.

    All that really leaves is the matter of “how much tax / interest and how much in penalties”. Mayhap The Inland Revenue and HMCE joining to form HMRC is not helping the rangers situation. IR were more likely to settle a figure and save the hassle. HMCE were more likely to have a more “see you in court” mentality.

    Either way, looking bad, or good, depending on your perspective.

    Keep us informed if you don’t mind, Phil. It’s very much appreciated.


    hell will freze over before we see it in print daily rangers will blame it an the last ‘catholic’ labour government

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      James. The facts,figures and dates in this piece ARE exclusive.
      You have read it here first.

    1. DanDansDaddy

      “More fantasy”?? Aye, right. And the cuckoo’s a mighty fine bird!
      Hurry up, hearts will be putting up their season book prices
      in anticipation of an influx of raging bigots from the west!
      Run along now, nothing for you here.

  14. Steve

    I suppose it is worth wondering where the 10 million is coming from?

    I very much doubt if they have got 10 million in the bank as cash?

    Could there be some agreement with their bankers that they would honour such a figure if HMRC capitulated and accepted the nominal offer?

    Given the likely scenario of going into administration, perhaps the bank is trying to protect themselves from that probability?

  15. RonnieD

    Rangers just blinked. I expect to see this reported extensively in the quality (sic) Scottish broadsheets sometime soon.

  16. Toronto Bhoy.

    Rangers of course would not be settling if they had a decent case. As a former taxman, this is evident. However the Revenue Bhoys will want to make an example of Rangers for maximum publicity.


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