Rangers board desperate to settle tax case!


Rangers’ legal battle with HMRC took a serious turn for the worse in recent weeks.  The case, which concerns the club’s use of an Employee Benefits Trust (EBT) to pay players without paying PAYE or National Insurance contributions, puts Rangers FC’s future on the line.  In a startling gambit, Rangers’ lawyer, Andrew Thornhill QC, has had his second approach to settle the case out of court rebuffed.  In this most recent offer, it is understood that the Ibrox club offered an amount just under £10m.

But this was not Rangers’ first effort at making this problem disappear.  Upon taking on the case in the spring of 2010, Thornhill approached HMRC asking what it would take to settle.  When that did not elicit a response from the British government’s representatives, he threw out an offer of £3-5m.  This was summarily rejected.  However, at the time, this was not seen as significant: simply a lawyer doing his job to evaluate all options and test the depth of resolve of the opposition.

However, this most recent approach comes with the background of the initial phase of the First Tier Tribunal, which was held in late October 2010.  Several of the witnesses called by Rangers were forced into damaging admissions and retractions under cross-examination.  The entire case was scheduled to last for two weeks, but Rangers were not even able to complete their rebuttal of the charges- that they had knowingly operated an illegal tax scheme.  HMRC’s lawyer is widely considered to have ‘roasted’ several senior representatives of the famous Glasgow club.  With the tribunal scheduled to re-start in May 2011, the flat rejection of this offer is sure to send a wave of panic up to the top of the marble staircase and beyond.

It is understood that it would take an offer to pay HMRC 100% of the original underpayment and accrued interest- a total of £36m- to get HMRC to engage in negotiations over the amount of penalty which would be added.  The final amount of the penalty, which has already been billed to Rangers (approx £24m), is scheduled to be determined in a separate tribunal if Rangers’ guilt in operating a tax evasion scheme is established in the current process.  HMRC’s enthusiasm for going to court can be explained by a desire to establish case law and eliminate any doubt over the use of EBTs to pay contractual obligations such as salaries and appearance money.  (Contrary to erroneous speculation in the print media, image rights form no part in the current case against Rangers).

One can only speculate whether Alistair Johnstone and the Rangers board still retain their jaunty confidence in the ‘expert advice’ they claim to have followed.  Their flat dismissals of the risks surrounding this matter and their willingness  to write a cheque for £10m today seem to be in conflict.  One financial analyst familiar with the case said: “It looks like the seriousness of their position is dawning on the Rangers board.  This looks like they have figured out the maximum amount of money they are able to pay and have decided to offer it now rather than risk almost certain insolvency should they be forced to pay even close to £60m”.

123 thoughts on “Rangers board desperate to settle tax case!

  1. charley tulley

    no matter what happens rangers will never go down or out to many loyal supporters will dig deep and keep them where the belong just beow celtic

  2. Torquemada

    When Hugh Adam, former Rangers director, came out a few years ago and said he had sold his shares at a massive loss because he reckoned David Murray was a dreadful businessman whose reckless gambling would bankrupt the club, he was rounded on and described as a traitor by the sort of sad, hate-filled inadequates we’ve read attacking Phil on this thread.

    The age-old tradition of shooting the messanger is alive and well in hundom lol! Sadly for the bears, their angry screaming might drown out the voices in their throbbing heads but it won’t make the big bad taxman go away.

    Well, Hugh Adam, who also stated that Rangers were essentially a west of Scotland club without a worldwide profile, unlike Celtic, and proved it with information from inside Ibrox itself, certainly has been vindicated.

    As you will be yourself, Phil, and very shortly.

  3. John

    It must be true if Phil says it. Cmon, look at his name. Dead giveaway – he’s a Celtic fan trying to scaremonger!!!

  4. Fair Question

    Freelance journalist? Can you really be considered a journalist when you’re only subject matter is hating Rangers?
    Do some investigate work and find yourself a life pal.

    1. Steve

      Are you saying that a journalist cannot or should not have niche area of reporting? The Old Firm, Irish and Scottish issues are obviously Phil’s specialization. Or do you want him to report on the Gaza strip, Interest rates in Honduras or the protectionist economics in the US Agricultural industry?
      Here’s a thought, why don’t you ask a relevant question?

  5. the black knight

    If what Phil is saying is libelous or defamatory, why no action against him?

    No denial from Rangers FC ? No statement or response of worth.

    Rangers fans, you pay the money. Ask the questions!

  6. Hopefull Man

    Maybe Rangers should just have another share issue and at least pay off Lloyds? Oh yeah, thats right… The last time they tried that they were left humiliated and Murray was left to underwrite £50 million. Thats how loyal they are. Celtic’s share issue of the 90’s was over-subcribed.

    1. JPaul

      Now be fair, Celtic haven’t just had one share issues. That’s painting an unfair picture. Since the original one which Fergus organised we have had another two. All three have been a great success.

      “Since the end of the Fergus McCann era, which itself began with a significant share issue take up by over 20,000 Celtic fans, Celtic have raised £37m in two further share issues in 2001 and 2005.”

      So let’s not be painting a false picture here. David Murray tried once, sold about £2.50 worth of shares and had to take the other £50m worth himself. Leading to him (his company) being by far the majority shareholder. He never wanted that, but then the fans didn’t want the club either so he had no option (legally). They are complaining about him now, however if they had actually wanted the club themselves he would just be the major shareholder, rather than controlling 90% of it.

      So fair is fair. the Celtic fans wanted to own their own club, three times. The Rangers fans wanted nothing to do with theirs. Not even the once.

    2. andy

      celtics 2 subsequent share issues were undersubscribed and the underwiter also had to take up his share in those as well.

      people in glass houses and all that.

  7. JPaul

    It’s all very easy to sort out of course. Rangers could just pay the tax they owe (plus the interest and penalties obviously). Then there is no discussion point, the Governemnt has the money it is owed and everything is in it’s rightful place.

    Over to you Rangers, just pay what you are due and all of this goes away and we can get back to talking football.

    1. playlois

      I’m just wondering what all those brave soldiers who attended the Remembrance day game at Ibrox must think of the money that Murry mint with held from the British tax payers, I’m sure this is money which could have been used to fight the insurgents in the war Britain is presently embroiled.
      I remember our soldiers having to go to the desert with jungle camoflage because there was no money, I wonder how many camo’s could you buy with 24million quid? of course that’s discounting the 12million in penalties.
      Then again if you don’t want to see hard earned money going to the war effort, then I wonder how many of Rangers supporters friends and family could have been spared the indignity of foreclosure

  8. Steve

    Just listened to a recording of the Clyde1FM phone in with Phil speaking.
    Very professional and clinically extrapolating the current position of HMRC v RFC.
    I think the short odds are for Rangers to go under.

  9. Taz

    Some pretty serious facts presented here.

    Either your very well informed or it’s made up, if it’s proved to be lies RFC have a very real case on different legal fronts, otherwise RFC have some serious issues only administration will solve, this doesn’t really help the SPL though, when the game is dying on it’s arse the last thing it needs is essentially the league been made pointless overnight, without competition the TV goes and then what…..

  10. brian

    Good work Phil, I’m loving every minute of this. I grew up when their signing policy was openly accepted and the SFA and the papers never bothered their arse. Oh how its coming home to roost.

  11. JohnBhoy

    Very interesting, Aodhan. Will HMRC come after them for that?
    And was it players who benefited or MIH directors?
    Personally, I’m just upset that Rangers are giving free tickets to Our Boys to watch them get humped in Europe rather than paying the taxes that could buy them new body armour and helicopters.
    How unpatriotic and disloyal.
    C’mon, Her Majesty, sort them out once and for all.

  12. Rileybaby

    The people who use this article as a way to show ignorance and bigotry should feel ashamed of themselves.
    I am a mother of a little girl who is proud to be a rangers fan, a catholic and daughter to a protestant rangers supporting father and Celtic fan mother.
    This is what a modern Scotland is about. Drag yourselves out of the dark ages and let Scottish football benefit from it.
    Celtic and rangers both need to be doing well for Scottish football to prosper and neon who thinks differently is kidding themselves. This is a tax issue not a catholic protestant issue

  13. tommy

    well done phil for lifting the lid on these multi-million pound tax evaders,the old media has died long live the new media revolution brought to us by good celtic fans such as yourself

  14. Aodhan

    Thanks Phil, from this Chartered Tax Adviser of 25 years standing, for telling the truth at last.

    Rangers have been doing these schemes since Advocaat’s days – the tax itself is over £25M, there will be penalties because of the way the schemes were operated, and interest has been running in some cases for 10 years or more, in which case the interest charge will be almost equal to the tax charge for some years and certainly exceed £10M.

    The reason for the seeming delay is the Revenue are waiting for a change in the law which will benefit them in all future tax avoidance cases. The change is this:-
    At present, most of those involved in tax avoidance have done just that, they have avoided paying the tax in the first place. They never pay the tax unless and until the case is finally decided, and that can go all the way to the Supreme Court.

    Once the new law is enacted, if the taxpayer loses at the first tier tribunal, and the tribunal finds that the reason, or one of the main reasons for the scheme was tax avoidance, then the taxpayer can appeal BUT only if they first pay to HM Revenue & Customs the tax that is alleged to be payable.

    That is to sort out the cowboys from the genuine taxpayer and also to bring tax law into line with other aspects of (mainly) English law. A genuine taxpayer will have prudently kept the tax aside in case it becomes payable. Cowboys generally spend all of the money….

    And this is not the end of the schemes, apart from EBTs there was also a fondness down Edmiston Dr way. for other tax avoidance schemes that have yet to come under the microscope – like the ones where staff were given shares in companies rather than salary. Typically the companies are stuffed full of cash, the player then winds up the company and takes out the cash – no National Insurance and only 25% tax instead of 40% or 50%

    The club will indeed never be sold – no-one will touch it with those contingent liabilities, and its one over-inflated asset, Ibrox Park, valued at £125M when in fact its real value is nearer to £25M.

    1. JPaul

      At one stage SDM couldn’t let Ibrox Stadium out of the MIH empire, as that would have allowed £125m out of the assets, resulting in a position where they would have debts higher than assets and would be in danger of trading insolvent. The reality is that it is “worth” nowhere near that, but it did have that value in the books.

      I’m not sure what the current position is, particularly with Lloyds converting £150m debt to 11% equity (giving them a holding of 24% of MIH). The hordes have never realised that Lloyds actually own just under a quarter of MIH, and as such don’t only control Rangers, but with that plus the breached MIH covenants to them effectively control MIH as well.

      Oh what a tangled web we weave.

  15. Stuart kennedy

    Well done Phil for gettin on Clyde 1. They had nothing to say after you were on!! Typical murrays little muppets!!!! Well done again!!

  16. FreddieD

    Rangers supporter on Radio Clyde with facts from your story wanting to know if true, no answer here ask Rangers. Its like the 3 (not so) wise monkeys.

  17. Stuart kennedy

    Phil, a guy just brought up this article to daryle king on Clyde 1 phone in. He said he aware of this article. He also pointed out the first amount givin to them at begining was £47m!!! He was ragin he couldn’t rubbish your article!!! I loved listening to his trembling little voice!! Ur article spot on buddy!!
    Oh love it!!!

  18. francis hoy donnelly

    great work phil, it is a joy to see the hunnish hordes from hades being hounded by their OWN SOVEREIGNS HENCHMEN, CARPE DIEM HMRC

  19. silkybhoy

    the man with no name

    you typify your lot with your comments, you are everything that is wrong with this country, you are the rabid dog of a human being that nobody can stand you are probably abhorred in your own stinking community of haters thats is why you have no name because you are nothing to anybody and never will be,,,,, you have no name , no job, no wife , no education , no dignity , no friends , no soul , just pure hatred running through your drug ruined veins , hopefully by this time next year to add to your life of nothings you will have no club…………..

  20. jasbhoy

    A wee question for Juan:

    Why do you think Sir Skinty can’t sell your bigot infested club? could it be that the taxman is waiting in the wings with a big fine and no potential buyer wants to pay such a fine? Nah, of course not, it’s just a big lie from the unseen fenian journalists.
    In fact here’s another question for you:

    Why would anyone want to buy any Scottish club where there is little chance of Champions League, no TV money worth talking about and an annual two horse race with receding attendances? could it be that any potential buyers may see some assets that can be stripped, like Murray Park or even land round Mordor would be ripe for development, and we’re not talking Skintydome casino, nah, must be the idea of some unseen fenian journo.

  21. playlois

    YORGO stated that “Half of the Rangers team are Catholic” I have no idea if that’s so but I know at our club if you asked each and every one of us what religion each Celtic player is the common answer would be “I don’t have a clue” and therein lies the difference, we are, have been and always will be an “inclusive” team unlike or neighbours across the city.

    I’ve been noticing that the mainstream media are no longer referring to us on a regular basis as PARANOID, it seems that with the proven honest mistakes against us this verbal slight against us has been replaced with WHIGNING but someone should ask them when did we whign, it was after the Dundee Utd game,… when it was proven that we were lied to, it was after the Rangers game when it was proven that the referee could not see the penalty he awarded, it was after the Hearts game when at 0-1 we were denied a stonewaller penalty, it was after the Hamilton game when we were punished by an obvious offside goal, and denied another stonewaller with the added insult of a yellow card to the fouled player, Nial McGinn

  22. droid

    when are we going to get an AC Milan type investigation into the whole cheating scenario with rfc. The sfa, the referees, the media and the tax evasion, sounds like an italian job only thing missing is a berlusconi type scandal

  23. Weefatbhoy

    Great article again Phil…….

    Pending case of HMRC v GRFC

    ************** THE FOUR FACTS OF THE CASE **************

    1. The perception that this evasive tax payment “system” is a common occurence within our UK sporting industry, and in particular football clubs is totally false………..

    2. The ETPS has been a regular method of payment in other countries around the world for years but every single case that has been brought against the respective club, franchise and companies were ALL settled out of court for between 50-75 percent of total monies owed……..

    3. Rangers F.C will be the first case scenario of such a claim in the UK as they are UNABLE to settle out of court, the HMRC know this and will have there day in court ……. A stitch in time so to speak!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. The HMRC also know that the other UK clubs who have used the ETPS – ARE in a position to settle out of court, they (HMRC) are therefore going after Rangers F.C to set a precedence and/or easier passage to court for all the other pending cases…….

    Phil, Your pen is mightier than there sword.

    PS:- Glasgow Rangers F.C are a commodity to HMRC whether owned by MIH or not…………..

    1. B Bhoy

      Can I ask a question? My wife works for one of the MIH companies & if this is true I worry about her career, not to mention her colleagues. I understand the implications to the club but mid management of these proportions could result in potentially a lot of jobs. Considering Rangers FC are part of the Murray Group, are MIH under scrutiny too?

  24. roythebhoy

    Just as Dundee FC struggle on, regardless of how many mi££ions the egotistical Sir Minty Moonbeams has plunged Rangers into debt with, they will survive. Does anyone really beleive that they would disapear? Come on, get real.
    This tax debt is the sideshow.
    The main event remains the sacking of Fortess Hampden by the Celtic warriors armed with their new found weapons of (inside) information, money (for lawyers), a great deal of IT savvy and all the time in the world.
    I’m happy to wait, as our day WILL come.

  25. Hugh Dallas

    Evidence is what’s required here and there’s none.
    Only hearsay and a desperate, attention seeking individual who lives by creaming money from gullible bigots.
    There’s none so blind as those who will not see. Why can’t you work for a living Phil, instead of stoking the flames of hatred from those intolerants of the east end of Glasgow, you know, the ones who could not appoint the illustrious Jock Stein to the board of directors because he was a protestant?
    Celtic Pools for your greatest ever manager, eh? I wonder if Manchester United will offer Sir Alex the half time draw when he retires?
    People in glass houses and all that.

    Oh, could you clear something up for me Phil, because that “cess pit” follow follow seem to believe your negligence resulted in the death of a pensioner in your care. Is this true, or are these mischievous bigots just taking a leaf out of your own book?

    1. jocky bhoy

      Is that the same “sir alex” that claimed his playing career suffered at R@ngers because his WIFE was a catholic?

      Curious issue that whole “knight” thing – Stein won the European Cupo before Sir Matt Busby, yet wasn’t similarly recognised. Wonder why that was? Because he was Scottish? Or because he turned his back on “RaPeepul”. He had a rift with HIS OWN FATHER because he signed for Celtic! You guys are really messed up…

  26. Fool Mac Jelly Bean

    HMRC have already failed in a practically identical case against Portsmouth, what is going to be different for Rangers (looking for facts here, not wishful thinking) HMRC are trying to use current legislation retroactively, at the time Rangers made these payments they were simply avoiding tax which is legal, not evading it, which was illegal, this is of course unless they were paying ridiculously high proportions of the wages into these accounts but no-one has suggested this is the case thus far.

    1. JPaul

      Tax avoidance is not legal, no matter how many people say or think it is. Tax management is legal but that is not tax avoidance.

      Tax evasion is a criminal offence. Tax avoidance is a civil offence. That’s why HMRC can raise a penalty for people doing it. Not just the actual interest, a penalty for the offence.

      Loads of people talk about “loopholes” or avoidance being legal. It’s simply not true, no matter how often it is repeated. HMRC actually have teams and policies to identify and break tax avoidance schemes. That’s what Rangers were doing. That’s why they are where they are just now.

      Believe me or don’t I’m not really fussed.

      Look here if you are even remotely interested in what HMRC think about it. Rather than relying on the ramblings of people on the internet.


  27. JPaul

    No matter how often anyone describes this as fantasy, no matter how often people want it to just go away, the simple fact is HMRC have raised a tax assessment against Rangers. That much is beyond doubt, no matter what colour of glasses you are wearing.

    The next simple fact is that HMRC will definitely want repayment, along with interest at commercial rates. There’s no getting away from that whatever else anyone chooses to believe. Again, this is beyond question.

    What remains to be decided upon is how much. Simple as that. No matter how many times people protest, or insult the author, or try to change things by throwing insults about. Rangers owe tax, they will need to repay it with interest. If HMRC act to form, and they will, there will be a penalty imposed. That could be as much as 100% of the tax due.

    Some of the people replying to this blog may not want to agree with this, fair enough that’s a matter for you. However you are only deluding yourself. the tax is due and it will be collected. Insulting me for saying it, from behind a keyboard, won’t change that.

  28. Rab

    Phil, they always clean up your own house 1st so why don’t you tell a real story a about child abuse in the catholic system and the multi Billion Dollar pay out in America To victims with lots more to come can’t wait to read the Real FACTS on this one So there is challenge to you to show if your a journalist or just another bigot!!!!

    1. Pat

      Why are there People on here Defending an alleged attemted Fraud of Tax that is Due to the taxman.I pay Taxes why should millionaires be allowed to steal from us?There is no Defence where ever you come from.

  29. Rab

    Phil why don’t you give us a real story like child abuse bythe catholic system and it’s attempt of paying victims toshut them up (exams BILLIONS of dollars paid out in the USA) maybe the catholics should clean up there own house 1st then get round to football accusations!!

  30. David

    If the Scottish media are so determined to put Rangers in a good light and Celtic in bad, why did no-one in Scotland touch the “blood stained poppies” story on the Sunday and how come it took the English media on the Monday for it to come out?

    The conspiracy talk doesn’t wash. Rangers certaintly have an element of their support they could do without – the problems they’ve had in recent years in Europe confirm this – but Celtic fans don’t seem to appreciate that their Green Brigade goons are every bit a shame to Scotland as anything Rangers have.

  31. Juan

    The stuff that you bhoys will swallow never fails to amaze me, you (Phil) are dangerously obsessed with Rangers and are further showing why you are limited to appealing to the foaming masses by writing a blog. No reputable organisation would engage you to work for them after the nonsense I’ve had the misfortune to have read today.

    It makes me smile to see so many bitter bhoys salivating at the fairy story ending the way you all hope and pray for, Sir David Murray’s remarks still enrage you all to this day. The facts of this “case” I put it in quotation marks because quite simply at the moment there is no case, concern a tax vehicle that many clubs exploited and have successfully defended the use of in courts up and down the country. There is a huge doubt as to whether Rangers will face any action whatsoever. A precedent has been set which falls on the side of the clubs.

    Any idiot can make up stuff that suits his blinkered agenda on a blog.

    1. dave harvey

      So no-one ia looming investigation ito s buying your cliub because of what ?????? If its not the tax investigation it must and can surely only be one thing ??????
      That no one wants you , you are a bad buy , your reputation goes before you , scum fans , a delapided stadia , debt upon dept , a looming investigation into the SFA and RFC , UEFA banning your sectarian songs , your owner facing potential jail , we could go on and on but whats the point , denial wont make it go away , BUT THE TAX MAN WILL . HAIL HAIL

    2. Stephen McCall

      Phil, any word from Rangers’ legal team on this? I am sure that if you have fabricated this story, they will be all over you.

      You must be defending about a dozen lawsuits already: Rangers; the SFA; Hugh Dallas… they must all be dragging you through the courts for all of your “lies”? 😉

  32. jasbhoy

    This has me thinking about the future, let’s suppose, and pray, for the huns demise and they are no more, so clubs in the EPL who are in financial shit like Bolton etc could then follow follow them out of business, it strikes me that there may be room for Celtic in the EPL, forget what the chairmen want it’ll be what Sky want that will come to pass, so if there are no O** F*** matches to broadcast they may see the sense in bringing in Celtic to boost viewing figures. Maybe not but it may be a consideration.

  33. the man with no name

    a typical tim want the end of guilt by association. i suppose he is remaking about the kids that were abused by celtic coachs, or the fact that bags of underaged porn was found at celtic park. as yes one rangers are able to free themselves of the association of celtic the better it will be for us.

    just remember No Surrender FTP.

    1. dave harvey

      So very very typical of what we , the educated people dispise about your gutter club . The day is looming when we wont have to give these things air space , accept the inevitable and crawl back under your rock. It is all our christmases coming at once and when not if we have the RFC no more it will be a joy to behold .
      Its even more sweeter when its your fairy god mother ( the queen ) who is coming to shut you down. hahahahahaha . Anyway enough of arguing with idiots .
      No surrender ? your club has ? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahh

    2. playlois

      Sometimes we get frustrated trying to enlighten the masses on the vile, obscene, bigotted and sectarian views of the “small majority” of Rngers fans and then the above imbicile does us a favour

  34. nab246

    very interesting article, it amazes me that the “conspiracy theories”,are constantly ridiculed when its clear from the facts that the powers that be on all fronts , SFA, media , red tops , radio journos have been bending over backwards for years to paint Rangers in a good light , burying bad news and inventing positive stuff. The press seem to be so scared of “Walter”, and Murray, that they fail to muster even a bit of criticism, even when its deserved . I personally DO believe what goes around , and think now Rangers are about to reap what they have sowed for many many years . P.S . A wee note on why no one wants to buy them , apart from the financial . Universally hated around europe for decades , think barca 1972 , and they won that night !Infamous for being anti catholic , so thats spain, italy , portugal , poland and all of south america out the window, and the cherry on the cake , manchester, showed around the world, rioting . Where, you have to ask yourself does that leave them to go and expand their market? Who wants to buy a rangers shirt in all of these places ? If you run a club for 100 years with an open public anti catholic olicy , then you get what you deserve . And for any out there who may suggest i am a bigot , i think not . I am a catholic son of a protestant mum who brought me up to accept all people regardless of faith, colour etc , I just , like most decent people out there, abhore what Rangers stand for and welcome the day when they change , tho i cant see it in my lifetime . There are a lot of decent rangers fans out there, i know this as they are my friends but they also have something seriously wrong at the core of the club, anti catholic , protestant superiority, it has to go .. The world is watching and at the moment and for the last 100 years , Rangers have ARE and have been SCOTLANDS SHAME .

  35. Steve

    There does seem to be a considerable amount of angst among those of the non Celtic persuasion who post on here. This is understandable given the likely scenario of Rangers FC going out of business.
    Nevertheless, we should remember that before you take out your animosity on Celtic fans, ask yourself why rangers are in this mess.
    They allegedly have evaded tax and attempted to use illegal perks to garner unfair competitive advantage over the other SPL clubs. If the allegations are true and they have cheated not only the Tax Office and subsequently their competitors, then they should be condemned by one and all.

    Consider this. Rangers have tried and failed to dominate Scottish Football by alleged tax evasion, spending money they borrowed which they could never pay back and with the weight of the Refereeing fraternity as their twelth man; and look at them now.

  36. Colin Gaffney

    Eh Phil……Stop stalking us eh,your starting to get a reputation as being slightly obsessed with Rangers.I also love the braindead Celtic mob with their Ipox and stuff like that,Actually sums up the mentality of your average Tim..You appeal to the degenerate class and the bigots…Why don’t you go home,Why don’t you go hoooome ..The Paranoia is incredible …why don’t you go home…You lot don’t realise how much the rest of the country pisses itself laughing at you….adios stalkers..oh Phil, does the Famine song still make ye greet ? lmfao

    1. JohnBhoy

      Quote: “You appeal to the degenerate class and the bigot . . . why don’t you go home, why don’t you go home.”

      Rangers fans don’t do irony, do they, Colin?

    2. 2nd Class Citizen No More

      What a mature and analytical response Colin, well done! Once you are finished STALKING this site, take the points raised by Phil and ask questions of your club. The silence from the red tops and their broadsheet buddies is deafening. If the media thought for one minute that there was another opportunity to lambast anyone connected to Celtic as paranoid and bigotted they would be seizing it with both hands (see the non story of the stupid boyfriend of Gordon Strachan’s neice posting a picture of himself at Ibrox on his Bebo site making it into The Sun as mainstream news as one such example) yet not one single mainstream journalist has challenged Phil’s claims, not even Darrel ‘cough-cough’ King! Like I said, the silence is deafening.

  37. Adambhoy25

    Fantastic article once again phil! I love how ironic it will be that it’s their much loved queen who will put the final nail in their coffin.

    1. Iain

      What is it with plastic paddies and the truth
      sir David Murray is on record clearly stating that if any ruling on tax liability were to go against rangers the sum would be liable against mih not rangers football club.
      a clearly fabricated story written by a desperate man trying to sell his book
      is the bank calling your debts in phil ?

  38. Auldyin

    What makes me think there will be a reckoning is that what is happening at/to Rangers is a product of the same mindset that brought two of Scotland’s major banks, including the one that started funding Murray as the Bank Of Scotland to morph into the Halifax BoS and then Lloyds, to collapse.

    The same attitude of tomorrow will pay permeates the air, never expecting tomorrow to turn up, and here it has.

  39. silkybhoy

    fantastic reading phil keep up the good work and tell it how it is because not one of the rags will ever mention it , the quicker we shut this rotten mob down the better no more old firm = no more guilt by association,

  40. JohnBhoy

    What I find amazing about this situation is that Rangers fans want to attack Phil, rather than confront the addicted gambler who put their club in this position.
    Sir Minty Moonbeams took a gamble on the future of Rangers FC. He put all his cash on black.
    The ball has just plink-plink-plinkety-plonked on to red.
    Yet all we get from Rangers, their fans and their compliant poodles in the press is an angry and petulant denial of the glaring truth.
    Why else would they be selling their top scorer for a pitiful sum at this stage of the season?
    Why else would McGregor, Davis and Bougherra be in the shop window, open to offers? Any offers. Hard cash up front, please.
    Why? Because Lloyds want their cash NOW. Before the taxman’s final bill arrives. Simples.
    Oh . . . and I forgot to mention this . . .
    I know someone who has a close connection to the ongoing Tier 1 Tribunal, which resumes in May.
    I’ve shown him Phil’s article. He replied that it is pretty much spot-on.
    Them’s the facts.
    And the sooner Rangers fans accept them, the sooner they can realise the depth of the hole they are really in.
    FACT. (;-0)

    1. Yorgo

      Okay. You’ve said the word fact in capital letters, this means your post is 100% accurate.

      Admit you have no contacts, no clue of what’s going on and no sense in general and we’ll all start to get on a little easier.

      This guy is a freelance journalist for a reason, he spouts negative propoganda at every corner to satisfy his own self-belief that Celtic are Scotland’s true giants, when we all know, it’s Rangers. We’re the team with the most trophies, we’re the team with the superior co-efficient, we’re the team chasing 10 trophies in 3 seasons, we’re the team flying the flag in Europe, we’re the team with the 5 star stadium, you’re the team having a fortnight on top by playing more games and talk of nothing but your great rivals.

      Once Rangers and Hearts beat Celtic and Rangers win their games in hand, your “fans” will be back in the huff wanting Lennon out because of our 7 point lead at the business end of the season. It’s quite pathetic.

      And, excuse me, almost half of our team, I think you’ll find, are catholics, it makes no difference to a team in the 21st century that don’t laud our links with countries in far more chunder that Rangers are with the powers that be in financial castles- Ireland are fucked.

  41. Stuart Kennedy

    How can u fans of the dark side not take this seriously, u just all angry cause ma man Phil has ANOTHER exclusive! Phil you brighten up my day!!! Keep it up. If this wasn’t true then why are the forces of darkness not sold by now? I mean if it’s a simple case of only £31m n here’s the keys, then what’s up. I mean the assets alone held by them (castle grey skull n training ground) r worth that surely? Something smells here and Phils always spot on! P.s nothing cheers me up more than reading it!!! Well done Phil

  42. Yorgo

    Another Jungle Jim making up “facts” as they go along. As if any of you have a clue about what goes on behind the firmly locked doors of one of the biggest business’ in Scotland.

    Rap the sectarian bull-shit, rap the Irish pish, rap the thought of joining the English League and why don’t we all stand together as two of the biggest clubs in world football and proud histories to match. Only when this bile is removed from the psyche of the Scottish football punter, will we able to move on and enjoy our nationally loved sport.

    Get a grip.

    1. Steve

      Proud history of Rangers?

      What, do you mean their century of maintaining a non-Catholic signing policy, supported by the SFA?

  43. Craig

    I’ve never heard so much hatred. I’m a falkirk fan and find find your attitude towards your opposites disgusting…sure rangers will have some similar minded people, but that does not excuse the vile that is being spouted on here. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Without either half post the old firm scottish football is dead….are you both not scottish teams? you should be united in your approach to help develop the game in scotland and not destroy it. Put your differences aside and think of the greater good that is the scottish game.

    1. dave harvey

      Only 2 teams out-with CFC do not sing “THE BILLY BOYS” ,HIBS AND ABERDEEN , FACT , the rest are just as bad as RFC so take your kind words and tell someone that gives a shit. You post on here regarding the article in support of your number 1 team , not Falkirk , FACT.

  44. DisasterForScotland

    Forgive me if I don’t get as excited as some of my fellow celts about this article. The accusation about Rangers just telling their fans what they want to hear could also be levelled in this situation in regards to yourself and Celtic fans.

    However, whilst there’s no doubt that you’ve applied a very ‘Celtic-Minded’ (whatever that means) lens to the picture above, the basic facts cannot be ignored – and that is that Rangers are in deep, deep trouble.

    Also, You ask why Rangers would offer to give the tax man money if they thought they didn’t owe them anything, and immediately jump to the conclusion that it must be because they know they’ll be found guilty.

    Can I offer an alternative scenario? Perhaps Rangers want it to go away because all the time it’s hanging over their head, no one will touch them with a bargepole, regardless of whether they would be found guilty in the end or not, and without a buyer, Rangers are dead in the water. I may be wrong (in fact, I’m almost certainly wrong), but I can’t help but think your conclusions are very much reached with a partisan viewpoint. I hate it when the Daily Rangers offer up opinion as concrete fact, and would request that you perhaps temper your articles a bit, because without it, they lack credibilty and merely come across as nothing more than a one eyed rant.

    As for those who think Rangers will cease to be, it won’t happen. Rangers going under would take Scottish football with them, so they wouldn’t be allowed to disappear off the face of the earth. However, I, like most Celtic fans – in fact, like all right minded fans regardless of which team they support – would love to see them knocked down a peg or two.
    And let’s face it, we come as a pair – any international commercial deals in the offing are entirely reliant on it being a Celtic/Rangers package, because it’s the rivalry that investors want to buy into.

    In my opinion, it’s more likely that Rangers will go into admin, they’ll have a couple of seasons akin to Rangers of the early to mid-eighties, and then they’ll slowly start to come up again. It’ll be embarrassing for them, but they wouldn’t be the first big side (Fiorentina, Valencia etc.) to suffer it.

  45. Mick11

    Why the dogs are on here simply denying this, is pretty funny,an absolute downrite refusal to accept the seriousness of it.They just dont want to believe that the gallant david murray, has composed the greatest demise whitnessed since the soviet union! haha

    Soppose we all have problems in life, unfortunately for them being a rangers fan is something that can never heal.

    HAIL HAIL!! Mon the lloyds!

  46. m4rky

    Phil you are a Celtic minded legend mate.
    For the scum bags looking in from swallow swallow remember bears only two certain things in life tax and death and you vermin are getting one after another.
    Here is my fiver where is your tenner ?

  47. Colin paterson

    Paul mccombie

    Tax avoidance is legal. What rangers have been engaging in is tax evasion, which is illegal. It’s important to make the distinction.

  48. jinky is the king

    Guys sorry to dampen your spirits but i have been told by someone that is a taxman that the case is actually against MIH not rangers fc and also when the scum were using these tax funds that was legal to do so and that is why quite a few teams exploited it

  49. Jim mc Garry

    Dear oh dear Phil

    You really need to stop letting the ragers fans know how much of a mess they are in.

    They don’t like it you know, they would much rather believe the lies and burying of negative news on their club that is willingly fed to them by Traynor,Jackson, Young and co, on a daily basis.

    On another note Phil.

    I have just read on the VB website the biggest fairytale since Jack and the Beanstalk.

    The reptile who did the piece mentions yourself in a not so pleasant light, claiming you are a bigot.

    He then goes on to state among other rubbish that he was born and brought up in East Belfast but:

    6 out of 10 of his friends were Roman Catholic.

    His father and grandfather supported Belfast Celtic.

    He attended and played football for a Youth Club ran by a catholic priest( who he found out later had gone to jail for child abuse).

    Before the troubles Catholics happily mixed with their Protestant neighbours, accepted and joined in Orangutan parades. And it was the wicked Provo’s that brainwashed them into being bigots.

    You could not make this stuff up.

  50. Mick11

    …..And yet they still only believe what they want to believe.

    Idealistic, short sighted fools the lot of them!

    The ship called dignity is going down to sunday league.

  51. Matheson

    What a load of old shite…let’s see what happens, maybe Bolton’s case has shown what the real outcome will be.
    And to all you so called Celtic fans without Rangers scottish football is finished.

    1. Gregg McLaughlin

      @Matheson…….you lot are clutching at straws now….never mind Scotland, A world without Scotlands Shame would appeal to most people and I don’t mean just Celtic fans….WSNBM

  52. well well well

    Maybe Rangers folding up and going out of business could pave the way for us to join the english league set up with us having to win promotion. the fact that the worst club from the two , the most biggoted of the two , and they one tht the world hates to stand for will not be able to play sunday football can not do us any harm watsoever. i read a comment here about the effect rngers going out of business has for celtic well may i just remind you’s that it is CELTIC and CELTIC alone keeping scottish football a light. not rangers , they havent a penny. and i would like to ask the why the SFA are against celtic moving to the premiership. they will be more against it now that there will only be one club and one club only in glasgow.

  53. mark

    what an astonishing piece of non journalism, clear to see why you are ‘freelance’. Rangers representatives were roasted? Yet no names mentioned. Also HMRC looking for 100percent recompense…yes common practice that is…not. Why would they force such an issue when the level of debt would force the club into administration…meaning the taxman would get a whole lot less than the 10million on offer from Rangers…Such cheap useless journalism is unwelcome. Kindly think things through before posting. To clarify this is the last time ill bother to read such ill-informed nonsense.

    Furthermore see several examples of the hmrc position when it comes to football settlements with regards plymouth,portsmouth,watford etc.

    Also the piece fails to mention that the HMRC has cases like this against several clubs not just Rangers, and are currently looking for clarification from the high court regarding possible payments from the affected clubs which include Bolton, Man City, Chelsea to name but a few. Also the main point of the whole case is to stop this kind of scheme happening again in the future.

    1. dave harvey

      Being in denial is ok mate , I do feel for you (not)this news on Phils page would be open to court action if it where not true , FACT. So realise that you have been taken for a ride by the powers that be within your sectarian bigoted club and you WILL get what you have reaped all these years . I was never one to believe in KARMA but , its changing my mind , seeing you all squirming , aching , hating(the usual) , blameing , making excuses , and yes you are up to your knees in fenian blood ? cos we will push and keep pushing until your rancid , disgusting club is no more. Your SFA , tabloids , establishment can and wont help you now cos your a lost cause and The tax man WILL get there money whether you are in administration or not. They have the powers to sell your stadia , players , property anything to recoup OUR MONEY , AND YES IT IS our MONEY.

    2. STEVIEC

      well lets all jump on board and not pay our tax.
      or lets hammer the culprits just now.
      get your head out the sand and see whats happening to your club.

  54. Tony.

    I told a good mate on Celticminded.com that i was speaking to a certain Rangers fan a year past in November,who informed my good self that Rangers defecit was £81 million,not the £31 million that the Daily Rags had dished out.
    I posted this info on the BBC forums only to be laughed at by many Rangers fans,who is laughing now,eh!

    Leggo,i know you will be reading this,i would be extremely grateful if you will post this on your blog,will you.

    I know you don’t like the truth to ‘out’itself but instead of printing the bullshit you usually come away with,try printing the facts,just for once,eh!

    Btw Leggo,see the fella who gives us these details above,he is worth 100 of your kind,you better believe it sonny boy.

  55. hahahaha

    absolutly fantastic , what a year this is turning out to be. weve rumbled the anti- celtic , anti catholic tradition within the SFA that has been going on for over ten years , being covered up , and then best of all after all these years listening to the crys of nine in a row etc , we see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize that these titles were bought and bought with money other than money belonging to rangers. it will be the brightest day in the history of our club and scottish football to see the club of the system fall and fall hard. out with the old and in with the new.

    no more old firm ,

    welcome the new firm celtic + hearts.

  56. Coco

    The Board of Rangers FC should take responsibility for the callous and irresponsible way in which they have run the club over the last 20 years. Those decent Rangers fans (yes there are a few) deserve better. I am concerned over the long term effect this will have on Scottish Football. I would love to win the league this year and dominate in the next 10 years – but at what price? With no Old Firm where’s the hook? How will we attract top players? Punish Rangers, sanction their transfers for the next 20 years but don’t put them out of business – having bragging rights over the Hearts fans won’t be as fun – admit it.

  57. DanDansDaddy

    Magic Phil!
    I went online today to check this site and the lotto results.
    Don’t even need to check the lotto now!!!
    Keep it up comrade, love it!

  58. Colin

    as a freelance journo, what type of reaction do you get of the dailys trying to sell them stuff like the above? it reads like dynamite but cant understand why it remains on a blog, i.e if you take this to the current bun or daily ranger what type of reaction do you get?

  59. Sean

    I came close to tears reading this!

    It’s impossible to not be overcome by the intense feelings of buoyant excitement!

    The downfall of that institutionally, despicable organisation will be a victory – not had by society (or civilisation for that matter!) since the fall of, Nazi Germany!

    As someone alluded to previously; not a tear will be shed for this rancid institution – which made their fellow people, feel like second class citizens for well over several decades.

  60. Mick11

    Wow, very good work.Fair play to you indeed Phil, This situation Rangers fc find themselves in is absolutely outragoeus…GROSS MISMANAGMENT FOR OVER A DECADE.”Financial doping” I think was the term Platini used.

    I am absolutely thrilled at the prospect of times tide repeating itself, this time at the other end of the city..Only this time,…..It could very well be terminal!!! fingers crossed.

    I must admit though, being a celtic man, it’s only natural to hate everything rangers, but I feel sorry for the fans, it is theyre club, paid theyre money through the years ignorant to what murray was actually doing. They are being left in the dark through all of this, not a single redtop is prepared to dig a little deeper, unlike you Phil..Maybe they just don’t want to know the full extent of this.

    Living is easy with your eyes closed!!

  61. Jim

    I wonder if HMRC are using the huns as a test case and 100% recoup will leave the way open for the rest of the Prem clubs who supposedly operate like this to be taken to task.

    Oh the irony scum fc, sacrificial lambs.

  62. ewanbhoy

    i woke up this morning feeling great after yesterdays footy results and now after reading this i feel as if i have won the lottery.
    i truley hope this is the end of them and how i will laugh, they r scum and as we know selling your soul to the devil will never beat the true and good and now they will pay(64m)for their sins.
    hail hail the futures bright,the futures green.

  63. Paul McCombie

    If, or rather when, they are fined will the full details be made public? IMO, all trophies won in any given season where tax avoidance occurred should be stripped from them. In fact, I’d go as far to say all trophies won from the time they started tax avoidance should be stripped from them.

    If they are found guilty and they survive this, they should be relegated to division three with a 50 point handicap in their first season there.

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Scotsman. This tax case will spin out till,in all probability,autumn 2012 with the appeals process.
      Until then RFC are virtually unsellable.
      The bank will continue to run the club.
      Once the tax case is setlled expect RFC to file for administration.

  64. Gerry Madden

    Phil once again you tell it as it is.The so called media in Scotland ARE dishonest if not bias when it comes to the establishment team so good to see Lizzies reps going after them at time when the NHS are cutting back on services and the disabled are being refuse badly needed support.Thanks for bringing this story into the public domain.

  65. jonny

    could the 10mill offer be as someone said earlier the money from the CL this season ,looks like a last ditch attempt to call the HMRCs bluff .
    Now it has failed it looks like the ragers will be left hoping they get a trump card on the river .How apt as I suspect if it does not materialise they will be pulling a lot of devastated bears from the Clyde

  66. paulo

    The Celtic board with their connections at Lloyds will be fully aware of Rangers plight,they know that the scuttled ship is taking on water and its just a matter of time before it sinks.
    It makes me chuckle that thier 9 in a row feat was not only done when the rest of scottish football was at an all time low BUT also with money that was not thiers and is now coming back to haunt them! im trying to remember the other shamed football chairman whom ‘bought’ championships…was it Bernard Tapie? obviously not the same circumstances but also very very wrong….

    The chickens are heading home….i just home for thier sake that the pipes are fixed!

  67. Damo Lennon

    I really do hope this is the end of that despicable organisation.

    Scotland will be a much better place without them and their decent fans (all 20,000 or so) can start supporting their local teams instead.

  68. Natalie Komari

    CRIME DOES NOT PAY!!!!! This deceitful Club must be hammered to the MAX! False titles won using ALL OUR hard earned contrutions…If the man on the Street is charged with tax evasion…he faces huge fines and imprisonment! FACT! So let those who defrauded the Govenment pay with their Freedom on top of what is DUE including penalties accrued!

  69. hen1rik

    Phil you are a gem of a man and if only the biased scottish media could be like you.
    I was going to make a donation but i have just purchased you’re book from lulu m8 and keep up the good work because we all appreciate it and times are definitely changing and its all down to guys like you.

  70. Brian- celt4ever

    First with the truth AGAIN Phil.reading the story it looks like
    an admission of guilt if Huns willing to pay £10m to HMRC?

  71. Eddie

    While I wish to remain calm,the overwhelming urge to leap for joy,is very difficult to supress.All my life,this most rancid of institutions,has been given carte blanche to treat both myself,and my family,as second class citizens,the day they are consigned to an ignominious and timely end,will be one of the happiest of my life.

  72. Celtic First

    Well done Phil. I hope the odd journalist and editor in Scotland finds a tiny bit of newsworthiness in this, but I won’t hold my breath. Not sure where the £64 million figure comes from, but I’m not the sharpest with numbers so no hassle. Do you mean it figuratively, perhaps? I got 36 + 24 = 60, although it also occurs that Andrew Thornhill QC will not have taken on the case on a no-win-no-fee basis. Bottom line for me is ‘Hell mend them.’

  73. Kip Kane

    I’ve a funny feeling that Rangers fc are in deep trouble financially.Not that the laptop loyal or any so called Scottish newspapers will print this.

  74. Frank Reid

    If Rangers were declared insolvent as a result of these proceedings what would likely happen. Who would get payed, and who would not. Would Murray’s association allow the taxman to take unavailable spoils from Murray’s assets?

  75. Robert Cochrane

    Poor auld Rankgers,for every 2million Celtic spend, Rankgers will spend 64million,oh how the mighty fall.Keep your union jacks flying high lads cos your queen is coming to get you.

  76. JPaul

    That would certainly make sense of anyone’s retiscence to take the business on just now. If the full amount is £36m and that is only tax plus interest (not including any penalty)then it would be madness for anyone to even seriously consider a takeover. Particularly if Her Majesty’s Government is digging their collective heels in over the debt and wish to make an example.

    If the next phase is not likely to take place until May, then the chances of any significant movement twixt now and then are surely somewhere between nil and feck all.

    Great work, Sir. Please keep it up and keep us updated. Good to read the reality of the situation.

  77. johnybhoy


    The huns day of reckoning is at hand. Triumph for the forces of light over the underhand pantomime villiany of Rangers.

  78. dave harvey

    The saying ” you reap what you sow ” comes to mind regarding this. RFC bought there 9-in-a-row titles on the “never never” thinking they where above the law , well , your exiliation of winning(buying)those titles could put your club out of buisiness for good ? So much for Mr Murry and RFC saying there is nothing to worry about when quite clearly there is and thats why no one is interested in purchising your club.
    The once mighty RFC is on its knees and not even your beloved SFA can get you out of this hahaha. Murry and his many thousand of followers thought he was a messiah when in actual fact he was no more than a corrupt owner who cheated the tax man out of many millions and now it has come home to roast. Are we now going to here the RFC fans talking of boycotting the tax man as they are saying it about Lloyds Bank ? sorry but dont think you can do that people cos the tax man ALWAYS get what they are owed , and with vast interest added.

    Any one who has had dealings with HMRAC knows that there is NO negotiating with them as you can do with banks , they come in and TAKE EVERYTHING , and do not take prisoners. So fans of RFC was the boom and bust worth it ???????? cos your club is in terminal decline and could very well be the next third lanark (with any luck).

    The one question that has never been answered is ” why has the Scottish press not reported this ” ? we can only assume that Murry has taken , yet again , another injuction out against them as he has done on numerous occasions.
    These are only my opinions but , and would love to hear the cry from the Blue Brigade and how The Scottish Goverment should get involved or maybe the British Goverment or maybe the European Union etc etc etc because its always somebody elses fault when you are involved.

    Good night RFC

  79. Neil Barra

    oh dear, not so much “up to our knees in Fenian blood”, more like up to our eyeballs in debt, pay the bailiffs or we die! 🙂

  80. Spikeybhoy

    Oh dear Phil,
    I think your article will upset a few people today, looks like the Rangers board need a better lawyer.
    I have an idea, for every £5.00 HMRC spend on a lawyer, Rangers should spend £10.00 that will sort it.
    Keep up the good work, It’s seems there are no other journos out there who can dig for this stuff, or are they to afraid to write about it?

  81. Pat

    Lloyds will be getting very uneasy at this situation,and will not drag their feet on recouping what’s owed to them.
    Celtic should be using what remains of this transfer window to strengthen our challenge on this Horrible club.
    And see to it, they are struggling for years to come

  82. Steve

    The destiny of Rangers FC seems to be out of their hands and now at the decisions of the law courts. It appears to me that by offering an out of course settlement figure, that Rangers are admitting guilt and hoping that the financial austerity in the UK will amount to a quick grab by the UK Revenue officers. This, as we have seen by the flat rejection of the Tax office, will not happen and the full weight of the law and financial penalties imposed will fall on Rangers, effectively putting them out of business. As Phil says, the Revenue are looking to set the future framework for like cases and want the kind of imprudence Rangers have shown to be punished in the harshest way. If Rangers are found to be guilty of the offences laid before them, they will most certainly cease to operate and their assets will be liquidised. Only a wealthy benefactor will save their skin now and that looks quite unlikely given that if one were available, they would already have stepped in to assist them in their current financial strife that has crippled their operational capacity.
    This highlights the extreme foolhardiness of Walter Smith’s comments when he talks about Celtic’s advantages in the marketplace: Rangers have put themselves in this mess by throwing borrowed millions into their game and buying success whilst Celtic operated within their means.
    You reap what you sow.


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