Live bombs sent to Lennon,McBride and MSP.


Paul McBride QC, Neil Lennon and Trish Godman, the Labour politician, were sent live bombs  one of which was only intercepted at a late stage last Friday 15th April.

These devices have been described to me as “viable Improvised Explosive Devices”.

I’m told there has been a voluntary news blackout asked for by counter-terrorism officers in the UK.

At least one of the recipients is not happy with this black out and doesn’t see the sense of it.

Developing story.

46 thoughts on “Live bombs sent to Lennon,McBride and MSP.

  1. watp

    colinbradybhoy – we(scum as you call us) are on this site because people like you are linking this to rangers football club. i agree that this death threats, bombs in packages are an absolute disgrace to say the least but this site is totally anti rangers. there is no condemnation to anythin the celtic support have done in the past. it is always the excuse that its political blah blah blah!

    1. Ralf

      i would like to see a balanced view, as a neutral who does not support either Celtic or Rangers i can see there are problems on both sides, when these 2 teams play sadly the hatred is there on both sides, it can be good humoured fun watching Celtic fans in huddles jumping up and down , and Rangers fans Bouncy, but there is hatred which sadly there is no denying from both sides.

  2. Jo

    Good investigative work again Phil.

    This subject is making the Scottish media and heads very uncomfortable and leaving them squirming with hesitation.

    The soundbytes today from people who should have made these public condemnations months ago is both sickening and condescending yet utterly predictable.

    Given the common link between all those parties on the receiving end of these IED’s, nobody within the mainstream Scottish press has the balls (or life insurance cover) to make the obvious conclusion that the suspect MAY perhaps be supporter(s) of a club who are currently under investigation by Europe’s governing body for singing songs which also coincedentally are about killing/injuring Catholics.

    Tax issues debt and UEFA bans aside, Craig Whyte could not have wished for a better excuse to withdraw his Fakeover bid.

    Hail Hail Phil, and don’t allow yourself to be on the mailing list.

    One Neil Lennon…..I am Neil Lennon.

  3. kevin f

    Im coming round to the fact that we should withdraw immediately from all competitions this season as authorities have continually gave these loonies the go ahead to do what they want.I would probably support the board of celtic fc if they looked to other avenues for playing our football as the majority of us have had enough,lennys saftey is paramount to winning a mickey mouse league winners medal…

    1. Ralf

      Celtic and Rangers are Scottish clubs, theres not any chance that Celtic or Rangers could join another league, the English Premiership do not want these teams, there is too much baggage associated with these teams, it would just be another major headache which the authorities in England do not want.

  4. colin bradybhoy

    I see the scum are even on here to see what u are saying phil,keep up the great work phil as they are getting very scared if they have to resort to this and the couple of rangers fans comments on here just sum their mentality up by trying to say that this is not a footballing matter and trying to compare this bomb sent to lennon is the same as the rira planting bombs over in ireland,they are mentaly handicapped and we will see what happens when theres repercussions as there will be if this keeps up,maybe ibrox shut down because of bomb hoaxes or worse and then we will see if the authorities act then,theres only1neil lennon!

    1. William

      I hope the creator of this site takes action against this lightly veiled threat. What hope for peace when knuckle dragers like this person still spew their bile. To try and link this to Rangers is as ridiculous as linking the bombs which have been planted in Belfast this week to Celtic. Both clubs have supporters with paramilitary connections. I notice that no one on this site had anything to say 2 weeks ago about the PSNI Officers murder. Its clear that this site and its members only wish to make a comment if it involves celtic or Republicans being attacked. shame on you

  5. Wullie

    Phil I’m totally disheartened and shocked at some of the comments left on here by the Rangers supporters tonight. Even one of them who condemns it can’t help but indulge in a bit of “Whataboutery”.

    It’s a very sad day for Scotland Phil and all these people can do is hurl more sectarian and racist abuse.

    So Sad.

  6. GWG

    Another day of shame for Scotland…..
    One can only assume that certain media & sporting institutions as well as Government establishments will be pleased that they are leading this country to a Northern Ireland situation that seen the bigots and racists bring horror death and destruction to many families of ALL religions.
    What we are looking at now is a Belfast Celtic situation whereas they were driven out of existence by the non-action of the law.
    This latest and for me final act of terror is justification for Celtic to appeal to FIFFA/UEFA to be allowed to move to pastures new, how can our “football” club operate in a society that is hell bent on bringing terror and death to ordinary people.
    I say get us out of Scotland and leave it to those that want to wallow in their 17th century bile …. And God help them !!

  7. Stuart kennedy

    Hi Phil,
    I was really shocked to hear this has happened again and no
    Police say the bomb was liquid based and not made from anyone with paramilitary training!
    The other week a guy brought this subject up about a rangers fan sending these bomb and him delehunt cut him off and said that it’s not a fan sending them. Tine to get the head out the sand, who are they kidin, they think a motherwell fan is behind this. Am sick of this Phil, best thing Celtic, Lennon and Paul NcBride can do is to continue doing the work there doing and don’t let these cowards win!!

    We are all behind you Lenny!!!

    Good work Phil!! Just wish the Scottish media would get there heads out the sand and I think martin Bain and Walter should publicly condemn this at a press conference and plead it be stopped as I can assure you it’s not a Motherwell fan or abderdeen fan behind this!!!

  8. Michael

    Well done for breaking this story Phil, Bombs in the UK postal system and the BBC only reported it AFTER you, disgracful

  9. Tony Cassidy

    Phil – thanks for your work ! A sad state of affairs indeed. Hope Neil, Paul and Trish can stay strong through this. I will pray that they do and that these cowards own up and change their ways. Despicable !

    One other practical and journalistic point – congratulations – your story has gone global in a few short hours – shame about the issue but very well done and thanks again ! Stay safe, captain !

  10. Yogi


    The media blackout was a joke. Thanks for breaking this. It’s now number ONE item all over the UK and being reported widely abroad. You’ve ensured that it is out in the open. And it now has to be addressed.

  11. Marty O'Donnell

    That’s it i’ve had enough I’m away to take that job in Birmingham, I’m 35 both my brothers live down south, and i see no change from the anti-irish/catholic xenophobic outlook from ‘the wee best country in the world’ ,it’s also possible i might get a few more roofing contracts from builders who wouldn’t look twice at my surname

  12. Roddy MacKay

    I hope this will galvanise Celtic even more to winning this league and stopping the inbreds from having a chance to enter the Champions League, the loss of such critical revenue will hopefully be the final nail in their coffin that sends them into administration and hopefully liquidation. The sooner these vermin are wiped off the scottish football map the better. WE ARE ALL NEIL LENNON.

    1. Stuart kennedy

      Am with you John !!!! Celtic and our supporters look after ourselves! We should do whatever it takes to stamp this out!!

  13. William

    As a Ulster Protestant I would like to totaly condem this attack, sadly a small number of individuals on both sides wish to drag us back to the past. As we seen a few weeks ago when republican terrorists killed the young police man, there is a dangerous minority of people who seek to undo the peace process however they will not succeed.
    It does saden me that no one on here offered any comment about the murder of the PSNI 2 weeks ago, yet you have plenty to say about this. All murder is wrong and you should not look at the death of a police man as being less than that of anyone else. My thoughts are with the Lennon family at this time. let us all take stock and think hard about what we say and do befor any more lives are placed at risk or like the PSNI oficer end up end up dead.

    1. paul

      WILLIAM – what ever politics is going on in northern ireland should not have a bearing on any sport , it does not have a burden on the northern irish football scene or any northern irish sport scene so dont try bring politics into this because you are shootin way wide of the mark and are attempting to explain this cowards actions by the troubler in northern ireland. this is a campaign against CELTIC FOOTBALL CLUB and the whole celtic family/community from a rangers fan who see exactly where their club is going and is puttin wat his club has been doing over the years to land itself in this position at neil lennons door , same reaction that has been going on for over 100 years of football is to rope the other half in to try to explain and justify their action. just like the tactic those who are causing distruction in northern ireland!

    2. PJ

      William, it’s not just neil lennon, a QC celtic fan, a MSP Celtic fan, two Celtic players Niall McGinn and Paddy McCourt have all been targetted. other than they’re all Catholics they all have a connection to Celtic. All these attacks would appear to stem from Ayrshire, a hot bed of virulent anti catholicism which has a strong presence of Rangers fans. instead of trying to engage in whataboutery why not just stick to your decent point and condemn utterly the attacks and without equivocation. the anti catholic element in the rangers support have spiralled out of control and the lack of action by strathclde police in rooting out these low life have contributed to where we’re at at this moment in time.

  14. Steven Rowan

    This isn’t a bunch of “dafties” posting these things, so I hope that when these eejits are caught, the full might of the Prevention Of Terrorism Act is brought down upon them! And, unlike loyalist and republican paramilitaries, they can hardly claim that their actions are “political”.

  15. trueblue


  16. trueblue

    brendan please please leave after all when the irish came over here they wanted nothing to do with the glasgow people and thats a fact king of lurgan lol
    more like king of the gutter beside the rest of you pond life

    1. brendan melvin

      Hey True Blue,

      Just got back from being in England on business to escape sickville for a few days. You should hear what the English say about, the game’s up son, the world knows about your hate agenda. Got back and just had a look at your response – I need say nothing more. if your view had any value or credibility it might make me angry, Instead I just smiled at your insignificance, keep in touch wi yourself…..

  17. oisin71

    I believe Celtic should refuse to play the game at Ibrox on Easter Sunday. The safety of our manager and Celtic players and staff is more important than a football match.

    1. Chris gerglasgow

      Yeah good one Oision 71, refuse to play the game on Sunday just because the Celtic don’t want to face jeeellllaaaavvvviiiiccccc.
      I totally agree with what has been said on this website, whoever is behind this needs to be caught and have the book thrown at them. However lets try and keep this away from the football arena.
      Phil you and the Celtic fans on this website keep shouting about how Rangers should not sing this and not sing that due to the offence the song causes and rightly so the songs should not be heard at any football ground. But lets just clear this up. The situation of this can not be left at the door of Scottish Football. As has been reported by the BBC this is terrorism. Nothing to do with football, it’s terrorism. Let the authorities do their job and catch the people responsible but please lets keep all this talk of Celtic leaving Scottish football away from this matter as the only people i see linking this story with Scottish Football are the fans on this website.

    2. Larry

      Chris GerGlasgow, why have bombs been sent to Neil Lennon and other people connected with Celtic? The answer is in the question, because they are connected with Celtic, so don’t be so silly.
      This is as low as football bigotry has sank in Scotland when a fan or fans of Rangers tries to murder the manager of Celtic. Those words seem ridiculous as I type them, but that is the situation we find ourselves in.

  18. gary duncan

    Thats a good idea Moonbeams 🙂 the only problem i can see with your idea is

    no FA would take you after all the pressure applied to referees and hiring QC`s to fight disiplinary action.
    Glasgow Rangers Champions 🙂

    1. Ian Ferguson


      Sorry to see that knuckledraggers like you can turn Death threats into smileys.

      Have you ever thought of therapy? Or failing that maybe a ONE way trip to Switzerland.

    2. Wullie

      You just don’t have a clue do you ? Not one ounce of compassion in your tiny mind.

      One difference between you and Neil Lennon is that you will never be significant enough to be hated.

    3. Derek Johnstone

      Thank you Gary Duncan if there was any doubt about the mentality of the knuckledraggers you have just removed it with your comment.this is about more than just football this is a disturbing development which strikes at the heart of every decent human being in our country these scum should be hunted down and jailed for a very long time.we will see what else is revealed

    1. Phil Mac Giolla BhainPhil Mac Giolla Bhain Post author

      Just a huge huge spike in traffic mate. We have excellent bandwidth, but we’re looking into the tekkie issues.

  19. Ian Ferguson

    Jesus wept, here we go again!

    Weak Gov & Police responses have empowered the loonies.

    How does scotland combat THIS without a complete change of direction and emphisis of priority?

    In fact, how can “the powers that be” combat it without giving recognition towards the UNSPOKEN problem which blights scotland?

  20. DevAdvocate

    No doubt these nutcases will blame McBride and Godman for being aggressive, arrogant troublemaking bigotted upstarts.

    It’s absolutely shameful but if Counter Terrorism units are working on this they they will be caught, not before time.

  21. JPaul

    Absolutely appalling, when will something real be done about this situation. Surely it cannot be allowed to continue.

  22. Brendan Melv in

    Good Evening Phil,

    Truly shocking news – it seems these people from the cesspit will stop at nothing to bring about their inhuman and hate filled agenda. Clearly Paul and Neil alongside this politician represent too powerful a force for their tiny minds to engage with.

    I agree with my friend above – this must be made public and these people brought to justice. If Celtic cannot operate without fear of attack on our managers or those who represent us and not receive assurances in this respect from the authorities then we should talk to UEFA about playing in another league. They could not refuse to such a request on the grounds of humanity alone. I for one long for the day when Celtic can operate as equal partners on an even playing field. I long for the day when we leave this tawdry and sick wee country wading about in vomit of its own making.

    I long for the day when our manager, the King of Lurgan, can operate in security and safety, comforted in the knowledge that Irene and the wee man are equally safe.

    Wee man if this get too much you should walk away, we would understand and support you evermore, evermore mate.

    God bless you Lenny and thank you Phil, the only journalist with an ounce of integrity or courage….


    1. William

      Why did you not say this 2 weeks ago when the PSNI officer was murered by republicans. What you have writen is ridiculous and it would be like Rangers fans blaming celtic for the bombs left in Northern Ireland over the past few weeks

    2. jocky bhoy

      Sorry William, I’m struggling to equate the murder of a serving Catholic police officer in Northern Ireland by a dissident republican terrorist group with letter bombs in Scotland to people for no other reason than the football team they work with or support. Are you suggesting this was some sort of reprisal? What is the relevance to this blog?

  23. roythebhoy


    I don’t think there is a Celtic supporter who would object if John Reid announced that Celtic would immediatley withdraw from this seasons SPL and SFA campaigns as a result of this shocking development.
    If the Scottish government deemed it appropriate to call a summit after the “shame game” its is perfectly appropriate for them to immediately suspend these competitions.
    When someone decides to lace supermarket items with poison, even the most secretive crazed loner criminals are identified and successfully prosecuted.
    If the people perpetrating these crimes against these victims cannot be caught then the Scottish authorities have no mandate to govern and I include the numerous reported and confirmed bullets which have been sent to various memebers of Celtic PLC staff. None of these crimes have been solved.
    Why this has been blacked out will be explained I am sure but there is no justification for it now.
    The cynical among us may also take the view that the recent eagerness of a prominent SFA official to at last condemn the treatment of our manager may now be explained by him having been briefed or tipped off about this latest attack.

    1. Míceál

      That is my dream – to see Celtic in another league and away tf from the cesspit that is the sfa and the west of bonny, bitter scotland

  24. Celt69

    This is unbelievable, will this madness ever stop?

    Moonbeams, I couldnt agree with you more about the resignation from the SFA. A persons arm can only be twisted so much before something has to be done about it.

  25. Moonbeams WD

    Shocking news Phil.

    This highlights just how close to the bone Celtic & associates are getting.

    If Neil is forced to resign at the end of the season due to the risk to his families and his own lives Celtic should resign from Scottish football immediately and apply to UEFA to be allowed to enter a different nations league. How can our club compete when the scenario could easily be played out with any new manager assuming the club are able to appoint one.

    I also do not understand the reason for media blackout.

    1. CoolBreeze


      Where have the so called “counter terrorism officers” been during all the other previous threats. This situation requires an immediate competent response.

    2. Míceál

      the reason for the blackout is simple – its to hide the complete incompetence of the so-called police force that is supposed to protect citizens from this shit.Its to hide the fact that sweet fa was done by them up to now. now if dear old watty had been targeted and the establishment was being threatened,it would have neen headline news ages ago and all resources would have been used to catch those responsible.
      The cops are no better than the scum bigots in the sfa, and just as useless.


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