Hugh Dallas offered to call off strike if his case dropped!


Hugh Dallas and Stewart Regan had a blazing row on Monday at the SFA headquarters in Glasgow.

Hugh Dallas offered to call off the referees strike if his disciplinary hearing into the Pope email was called off.

On hearing this ultimatum an SFA insider said:

“Regan went ballistic!”

Regan’s exact words, overheard by many in the office were:

“How fucking dare you! Don’t ever raise that again! Those two matters are totally unrelated!”

Hugh Dallas will hear his fate at 17.00hrs today in Glasgow.

In total eight people will be the subject of disciplinary hearings today.

I have learned that the Scottish Football Association has a very clear IT policy.

The passing on this email is clearly considered by Mr.Regan to be a “breach of the organisation’s IT policy.”

In recent weeks several staff were reminded of this policy of forwarding on offensive emails.

It was established inside the SFA that receiving such an email and opening it was no offence.

However forwarding it on would be considered an offence punishable from anything from a reprimand to dismissal.

I have also learned that if any of the other seven staff are dismissed for passing on this email then Mr.Dallas will also be dismissed.

41 thoughts on “Hugh Dallas offered to call off strike if his case dropped!

  1. Franky

    I suppose you would have heard Phil that Hugh Dallas is now appealing, despite apparently “resigning due to family reasons”; the plot thickens!

    If Dallas is successful then Reagan’s position will surely be untenable, which the rabid scottish press pack will no doubt love. For the good of the game in Scotland, Reagan needs to fight off the medieval hounds within the SFA, i sincerely hope he does!

    Keep up the good work Phil, even if the wider scottish public have no idea who you are thanks to our ever impartial media!!

  2. John

    a sad day for Scottish football, Dougie McDonald was a very good referee, bet John Reid wishes he could get as many decisions right in his job as Dougie, Are there serious internal issues at Celtic just now? it would explain why they’re in pursuit of Refs all the time.

  3. Micháel Séamus

    At last a journalist who actually investigates the dire state of affairs in Scottish Football as opposed to the maggots that regurgitate the party line like Traynor and others – Yes even Spiers. Hearing today that Dullarse has jacked it was great news and hopefully the first of many. I would imagine he was pushed somewhat after hearing this story about Regan going bananas. What ‘fans’ of the other teams outwith Celtic do not realise is that how can the likes of McDonald even carry on after his lying escapade. Celtic as a team could simply walk off the park if he even gets to referee another game involving them. And this last few weeks is simply the tip of a massive iceberg as I have followed Celtic for 35 of my 39 years. I even remember McCluskey not so long ago begging to get rangers as his last game as he wanted to go out with HIS team. Once retired he attended a function where he stated “I never gave them Fenian B*****ds anything.” Is this impartiality? We never had a voice over the last century but thank the lord we are standing up now and not putting up with blatant cheating and sectarianism anymore. Much admiration for you Phil and look forward to more of your excellent journalism.

  4. He Who Laughs Last

    Great work Phil, we shall be indebted to you forever. Bring the house down..!!

    Best wishes,


  5. opuseater

    stumbled across your who dalas:his last act on a football field was to award the huns a blatant non penalty at the other hunnery tynecastle 2005 in crucial run in game.promptly retired in embarrassment-his punishment PROMOTION.the guys a tramp.R I P kevin o donnell

  6. Droid

    I who am ‘paranoid’, now knows there was a genuine root to my perceptions, free at last, thank God almighty, free at last

  7. GWG

    Phil~~~~~ Thank you sir

    I’ve been waiting all my life for the lid to come off the disgraceful organisation that calls itself the SFA
    For years I’ve been saying on many Celtic website that the new media that is the internet would eventually make all the bigoted and sectarian Scottish media defunct, this past few weeks thanks to your good self and the other Celtic site (CQN in particular) has seen that prediction come to pass not only has these disclosures made the SFA look like the incompetent sectarian bigots that they are but has indeed shown the Scottish media up for what they really are, perhaps the sports editor of certain rags will now look at themselves and worry about their future……on behalf of the members of our website I thank you once again

    Your’s in all respect & God Bless You


  8. Paddy

    Hey Ross, pity there arent more Rangers fans like yourself that have Celtic’s best interests at heart eh? so what your saying is let’s forget all about Scotland’s dirty little secret and focus on the Celtic boardroom. Aye, very good. Do you wonder how many prizes Rangers have collected due to currupt officials? Shhhhhh.

  9. scotty

    why are rangers fans backing the head of refereeing? The people under his charge have been proved to have lied. Even rangers fans have to admit that there has been a lot of dodgy decisions going their way. against dundee utd, motherwell, and so on and im not gonna say against celtic for then id be paranoid.
    Dallas has no leg to stand on as hes been proved to have sent an offensive email. hes trying to blackmail the sfa into doing what he wants.
    If regan did swear after being told that then its all the better cos it proves that dallas wont get it all his way now.

  10. dean leslie

    ha phill ur the man lets get these bigoted filth out ,the corruption and anti catholic muppets that recinded in power at the sfa, have just got stronger since farry got booted now hugh join the q you are going on the broo hahha

  11. Henry Clarson

    This is great work, Phil. I’m nearly fifty now and I’ve been waiting for a week like this for practically my whole life. The truth is that I can’t remember a time when a decent, honest, determined, investigative journalist like yourself wouldn’t have been able to make considerable headway on a story very similar to this one. Sadly too many Scottish journalists have suffered from the same integrity deficit that afflicts the Scottish refereeing fraternity.
    (Props also to Brian McNally for the link to here.)

  12. Ross

    Firstly a couple of questions.

    What do you expect to achieve by hounding out an internationally respected former referee from his position for the crime of sending a satirical email?

    Is anyone who makes a joke, or emails a joke, at the expense of a religious leader, guilty of sectarianism in your view?

    Phil, you are a puppet of the Celtic FC board, just like your fellow partner-in-paranoia, Paul Brennan. I have no doubt that the men in ultimate charge at Celtic FC, Mr Lawwell and Doctor Reid, would have, quite rightly, been held to account for the dismal record of their football team, had it not been for your diversionary campaign to pile the blame on apparently corrupt officials.

    They must be laughing up their sleeves at their beloved cyber-puppets, you and Brennan, who cynically manipulate the paranoia and prejudices of the Celtic support, orchestrating the delusion that Celtic’s troubles have been caused, in large measure, by biased and bigoted SFA officials and referees.

    I bet they can’t believe their luck! And neither can I, as a Rangers fan, in the knowledge that the men really responsible for Celtic’s, quite spectacular, failure to capitalise on a financial superiority unparalleled in their history, are still sitting at the head of the boardroom table, and growing fat on their over-inflated supporter-sponsored salary.

    1. Gerry


      I hope your insider info is right as its not a time for inaccuracies here. If your story is truwe it’s absolute dynamite.


      Do you genuinely think the joke is “satirical” to the victims of peodophilia??

    2. Ross


      Dallas didn’t send the email to victims of paedophilia. If any have seen it and are offended, it is no fault of his.

      If you believe offence being caused to members of the public is the real crime here, blame the man responsible for publicising the email.

      Phil Mac Giolla Bhain.

    3. Duke Valentino

      Don’t worry Ross none of this detracts from the fact that Dr. Death and Liewell have messed things up. Celtic SUPPORTERS ain’t that gullible my man.

  13. larson

    What did Dallas really do wrong the head pedo was in town and all parents should be warned, now get over it and just admit we are crap just now and get back to football matters

  14. leftclicktic

    How low will dallas go to save his own skin. he and he alone is reponsible for this shambles. If he would have sacked his lying official on the spot they would have got away with their bias for a few more years.So thank you hugh for bringing the eyes of the world upon your wee band of and dougie dougie mcdonald have done in 5 weeks what all honest men in football have been trying to do for over 100years.Keep up the pressure Phil,HUNT THEM DOWN.

    1. john

      i have been cheated all my life by no users dallas tait clarke mckluskey syme if any of those took a lie detector to say they where honest id be amazed especially clarke who wants a job with the bbc

  15. Bradley

    Well done Phil keep up the good work. At least one journalist can open his pay slip at the weekend and say ” I’ve earned this money”. ( unlike some )

  16. JG

    Very well done my man and keep up the good work because no other journalist will. The establishment never has liked the truth and sadly they never will. It is time that they were dropped upon from good and high but the really sad thing is that many of the good and high are part if not all of the problem. There is no one and I mean no one in the Scottish journalism fraternity willing to take them on. And do you know something? They have always been there for the taking. Good on you Phil. I like honesty and they would do well to remember that “those days are done”

  17. Jim Scott

    Phil you are a star.

    I have known they were corrupt to thier back teeth like many freemason institutions in this county

    hail hail froM CQN

  18. PimlicoBhoy

    How dare he indeed!

    In my professional capacity I have been involved into investigations into mis use of e-mails in a number of workplaces.

    A get out of jail card has usually been that ‘no one told me not to forward it on’ but that card is usually trumped by the sort of policy and actions you refer to above.

    In the majority of cases I have seen having been made aware of an IT policy and them breaking that policy – especially if done on a number of occasions – falls into Gross Misconduct.

    Gross misconduct if proven usually leads to dismissal…

    Incidentially, best practice in organisations is that if you receive an e-mail that is offensive you should do more then not pass it on. Most IT policys say you should contact the person who sent it and ask them to refrain from sending offensive materials in future.

    Maybe the SFA need a stronger policy…

  19. Sneddoni

    Forwarding on this, or any other similar e-mail should be punished. And in most cases, by dismissal, imo.

    Receiving it is no crime. And could be argued, that reporting it, in an enviroment, where passing on these e-mails seems to be an accepted practise, is more likely to alienate the reportee further, rather than have any punishment brought upon those crass individuals.

    Indeed, does anyone seriously believe anything would happen to dallas or anyone else, had this e-mail not been brought to the attention of the public. He, and the others, should hang their heads in shame, and remove themselves, instead of waiting to see if they can be ‘saved’, or get off with a lighter punishment.

    Not sure how any reporter who takes their job seriously, can look themselves in the mirror, and call themselves a reporter, if they heard about this, and did not act on it, in any way, shape or form.

    Well done Phil, the public have a right to know!

  20. James Barr

    This should be headline news throughout the Scottish media…..I wonder if such will be the case? No, I don`t really wonder at all…it won`t be.

  21. Ryan

    Explosive stuff indeed and would help explain Mr Regan’s vague allusions about sectarianism in his comments the other day.

    Is this truly the beginning of the end for the old empire?

    Maybe a story like this breaking will put an end to the hysterical tabloid rag fiction that this is simply a Celtic vs Everybody Else matter. If blinkered folk could open their eyes for a few seconds they might see a far bigger picture without resorting to the old ‘Celtic Paranoia’ kneejerk responses.

  22. Russ

    It would be a real shame if such an outstanding official as Dallas loses his job over this.

    No i’m joking, I cannot wait to see the back of him.


    If this is true it would answer a few questions that “some people” want answered. I like jopurnalists that go after the facts. I also believe you were the guy who alerted us all to the “Hugh Dallas e-mail”. Keep up the good work and go after the bad guys.

  24. Doc

    Very well done Phil, nice to see balanced investigative journalism, rather than the rubbish we usually put up with in Scotland. I look forward to your next piece, don’t think Mr Dallas will be.

  25. Rhebel Rhebel

    Thanks Phil, investigative journalism seems to be dead in Scotland without you this story would have been swept under the carpet. I wonder how many other stories lie beneath the SFA’s deep shag axminster.

  26. Cieran Quintus Nakamura Pigalle

    Outrageous attempt at negotiation by Dallas.

    And not a peep of Contrition for his offence.

    Hugh, you will be spending more time with your family.



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